Hobbies That Can Help Calm Your Mind Before College

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: February 16, 2015

Finishing high school is an important transition; moving away from home and learning how to balance academic responsibilities while juggling a social life might prove stressful as you plan your freshman year of college. Some stress is normal, but if you're concerned about getting over-stressed, you may want to take proactive measures to calm your mind before you embark on your journey. Hobbies help ease mounting tensions and, for you, the pressures of college life.

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For those who need physical activity and a way to calm their mind, yoga is a great outlet to combat stress. WebMD explains that yoga not only decreases cortisol levels, but also lowers blood pressure and combats stress and anxiety. Not only are there health benefits, but yoga also helps maintain focus and concentration, which can lead to success in school.

For college students, yoga is a practical solution to stress. You can do yoga in your dorm room, outside or in your college campus gym. What if you don't know how to start? There are options to learn yoga online free of charge or, if you want to use it as an opportunity to make new friends, there's likely a yoga community on your college campus.


If you find the pace of yoga too slow, head outdoors for some fresh air and quality time with Mother Nature. If you live near a lake, try a boating or fishing excursion. The blue color of the water, calm surroundings and sounds of wildlife create the perfect atmosphere for escaping the stress of classes and exams. Depending on your location, you may be required to get a boating safety certification before you can go out on the water.

After graduation and before starting your college career, rent a motorboat and fishing pole to try your hand at catch and release. You'll find the serenity and solitude of fishing and boating will not only calm your mind, but recharge energy levels to tackle your first-semester classes.


Calming your mind sometimes requires immediate action and, sometimes, class schedule constraints might limit your options. What's an easy way to ease your tension instantaneously? A walk or jog around your campus or in a park will instantly boost energy and lift spirits. Running also helps you release endorphins and pushes you to temporarily forget distractions that might be cluttering your mind. By developing a walking or running practice before starting your college life, you will, out of habit, it will become a habit to find time for an early morning jog or evening walk. This will help to prevent any anxiety from creeping up to unmanageable levels.

Taking up an activity that helps with anxiety, especially right before starting college, can help you calmly begin this new chapter with a clear mind. These activities offer safe ways to unwind and let off some steam as you prepare for the next four years.

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