SENIORS: Five Ways to Demonstrate Interest & Improve your Chances for Admission

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: December 4, 2014

Demonstrated interest continues to be an important factor in college admissions. After you’ve filed your applications, you’ll want to stay in touch with several of your top-choice colleges, continuing to demonstrate your interest in them ― which is very important to virtually all private colleges and can improve your chances for admission.

So, how many ways can you tell a college you love it? Let me count the ways…

  1. If you haven’t yet visited a particular top-choice college, try to do so before its Admission counselors make a decision about you.
  2. If that college is coming to your school or to the area to make a presentation, attend it ― and sit close to the speaker, ask several good questions, make sure to introduce yourself, get the presenter’s business card, and send a thank-you note.
  3. Call the admission rep for your geographic area to ask a good question that cannot be easily answered on the college’s website.
  4. Send the admission rep for your geographic area a short email or handwritten letter expressing your continued interest in the college. Your message should include 2-3 specific reasons why you believe the college is a great match for you and how you envision contributing to the campus community. Also share any new or special information about you that the college doesn’t already have, and which you feel may strengthen your application. If your first quarter grades are high, send an updated transcript.
  5. Is this your top-choice early-decision or early-action college? If it is, then ask your school counselor to call the college to advocate for you.

Starting about 7-10 days after you’ve filed each application, regularly check its online admissions portal to learn if the college is missing something (e.g., official transcript, official score report, recommendation, application fee). This is the fastest way to rectify the situation.

Good luck! 

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