Top of the Class: Helpful College Apps for Returning Students

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: October 9, 2013

You'd be amazed at how busy an average college student’s life can be. In between studying for and attending classes, performing research and enjoying social outings (not to mention those few fleeting moments of downtime and relaxation), college students wind up with a lot on their plates. This rings just as true for older, returning college students. A U.S. News study shows that the number of college students ages 40 to 64 increased by 20 percent over the previous decade.

So what is the one thing that can help the older generation get through the college experience unscathed? Embracing technology, that's what! A recent survey performed by Ball University found that a whopping 73 percent of their students owned a cell phone. There’s pretty much an app for everything now, from the latest sports scores, stock reports and weather updates to GPS navigation, appointment reminders, games and much more. With smartphones becoming increasingly more popular and intuitive, that percentage will continue to climb. BlackBerry commands a 36 percent market share on college campuses in 2010, according to Digital Media Test Kitchen. This percentage is only likely to increase with their new line of smartphones and operating system aimed away from business folk and toward the average consumer. Perfect timing for older college students eager to dive in and download some of these helpful apps.

Ask Anything

Ever needed a straight answer for a critical research question without having to search for a computer or thumb through textbooks? The free Ask Anything app helps you find help for complex research queries. Ask Anything lets you type or speak your request into your BlackBerry, making it very convenient when you’re on the move. It also includes the Research Assistant app, pre-loaded with eight query credits for faster, better quality responses. It even lets you attach photos to your request. Each answer arrives via email.


Eliminate the need to carry a paper-bound organizer. Carry all of your calendar dates and project or homework assignments on your phone. Color-code assignments, break down large projects into tasks, plan study sessions, schedule classes and create to-do lists. You can view what was due last week or last month, or you can view upcoming assignments. You can import contacts like your professor, study buddies and tutors.

Secure My Apps

Last but not least, you'll need a reliable app that allows you to keep your data and other apps away from prying eyes. Available on BlackBerry App World, Secure My Apps does a remarkable job of keeping your data safe and secure. Features include the ability to create individual profiles that automatically start at a preset time as well as the ability to lock native and third-party apps.

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