University of Florida expands its capacity through Innovation Academy

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: September 6, 2011

The most popular campus in Florida makes admission tougher each year. In order to increase the number of students who can enroll in UF’s undergraduate program, the school has created a special school term under the umbrella of its Innovation Academy (IA). IA is actually a novel enrollment model that operates on a spring-summer calendar. In a move to balance out the number of students on the campus throughout the calendar year, UF will enroll IA students who will take UF courses on campus during the spring and summer terms only. IA students cannot take fall semester classes on campus during the entire period of their undergraduate degree program.

The university wants to take advantage of classroom space made available when students graduate or drop out after fall semester, or when they leave campus to study abroad. What happens during the fall semester? At that time, IA students are encouraged to take online courses or participate in study abroad programs, internships, research, community service and/or employment. IA students will be able to participate in fall semester activities available to all UF students (Go Gators!), including access to UF services, and activities like football and other events. An IA student may live on campus, belong to any club, participate in student government and participate in sorority or fraternity rush. Major requirements and standards remain the same as always, coupled with the same academic advising that UF students have always received. UF describes this experience as a way to provide a smaller-college experience combined with the look, feel and access provided by one of the country’s largest schools.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Initially, the program will be limited to 500-800 freshmen and transfer students admitted to select majors. The long-term goal is a mix of 2,000 students.

When Will the Program Begin?

The first group of students admitted to IA will enroll Spring 2013 (current high school seniors).

For more information about UF’s Innovation Academy, click here or contact an expert college counselor at Judi Robinovitz Associates.

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