You're a Rockstar: 5 Rewards for the College Student

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: August 12, 2013

Motivation may require self-trickery, especially for college students who are behind on a term paper or procrastinating from studying. Colleges such as Morehead State and West Virginia University recommend that you create your own reward system in order to complete tasks that you're not motivated to finish. As a college student, establish creative and affordable rewards that will help you achieve your academic goals.

Host a House Happy Hour

At the end of a grueling week of exams, look forward to inviting your friends over for a happy hour in your house. As long as you and your friends are of age, ask each guest to bring a drink, food or dessert to share. This happy hour reward is more about good company than partying hard.

Make a Vision Board

Visual collages are adorned with images and materials that represent presonal dreams and goals. Use Pinterest to create virtual and inspirational pinboards or go the old-fashioned way by cutting out pictures from magazines and gluing them onto a poster or bulletin board. Because vision boards visually remind you of the goals you want to accomplish in life, they reinvigorate your desire to complete projects you may have waiting in the wings. Download the Pinterest app to your mobile phone to check out new inspirational images to pin. Hang your vision board somewhere in your home where you'll see it frequently so you'll be reminded of what you're working toward.

Take a Hike

If the only thing you've stared at lately has been your computer monitor, then maybe it's time to reward yourself with a long and refreshing hike in the great outdoors. Few things can lift your mood like a good dose of sunlight and the endorphins created by a good workout.

DVR Guilty Pleasures

Big assignment or studying for finals means that you'll have to miss your favorite shows on Direct TV in order to complete the tasks in front of you. Luckily, you can DVR your top favorite guilty pleasures, and then use them as incentives for not waiting to finish your duties. Tell friends not to spoil any surprise endings or twists.

Enjoy Free Local Entertainment

You might be surprised by how many free or inexpensive musical shows, festivals and other types of entertainment you can attend if you just do a little research. Many towns, for instance, host free bands on certain evenings of the week, and free acts perform at local festivals. Find cheap or free tickets by checking out sites such as Craigslist or Freecycle on a day you want to reward your hard work with a fun night. People commonly try to unload unwanted tickets for events at the last minute for way below face value.

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