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    NOTE: In the week prior to each of the last three sessions, you’ll have a pre-scheduled Zoom meeting for up to 20 minutes to work 1-on-1 with your assigned essay expert. If you run into any technical difficulties, please text Jason at 561-907-8628. 

    We will record each session and post links below.

    Boot Camp Materials 

    College Admissions Handbook 

    Boot Camp Outline & Homework

    Soundbite Video Instructions Passcode: 8TJd$TjG

    Session Recordings

    Session 1 Part I | Session 1 Part II Passcode: F145U.u=

    Session 2

    Session 3

    Session 4

    Session 5

    Supplemental Materials

    Significant Changes in This Year's College Admissions Landscape

    College Application Spreadsheet

    College Research Spreadsheet 

    Common App: The Hidden Factors

    GPA Calculator

    Résumé Template - Table Format

    Résumé Template - Center Category Format 

    Additional Information & Your Résumé

    JRA Educational Consulting's SAT/ACT 2021-2022 Workshop Schedule 

    SUS 2+2 Transfer Matrix

    College Counseling Services

    Application Plan Puzzle Game 

    Letters of Recommendation Form

    Show, Don’t Tell guide

    Core Values Exercise

    Quizlet Do’s & Don’ts

    Why This College research sheet 

    Barb's soundbite activity

    College Application Essays that got students admitted

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