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Conveniently located near The Mall at Wellington Green, and surrounded by many excellent eateries, you can run all your errands, or grab a bite to eat, while your kids are meeting with our seasoned staff of educational consultants. 


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Our Educational Consulting Services in Wellington

College Guidance

It’s no secret that high school students in the United States are under a lot of pressure to attend college immediately after their K-12 career comes to a close. Given the ever-increasing price tag of colleges and universities, not having a rock solid direction after graduation can lead to a number of unfortunate consequences. For this reason, we have always recommended that students and families begin thinking about college  plans as soon  as possible. Our goal: early  college guidance that produces a roadmap and a plan of action  by the spring semester of junior year.

Score At The Top’s college planning program is designed to set Wellington students up for success both in college and for the remainder of the high school coursework. Students and their families will start by hearing from Score At The Top Founder, Judi Robinovitz, who will discuss the common process that most colleges and universities use to accept applications. She will also dive into some key details about what can be done to improve the chances of getting into the right local school or out-of-state school.

Throughout our college prep program, our core goal is to develop a workable plan to make the best of a student’s remaining time in high school and explore future options, as well as come up with a plan for after graduation. Students and families can expect to:

  • Develop an advantageous plan-of-action to finish out K-12 career.
  • Understand academic weaknesses and figure out how to turn them around.
  • Look into extracurricular activities to strengthen academic resume.
  • Research summer opportunities to reach college or career goals.
  • Examine student’s interests and find ways to turn them into a future focus.
  • Build an appealing resume to accompany college application.

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Mari V

"The application process can either be a nightmare (if a parent tries to manage it with their child) or a breeze (if you hire Barbara). Barbara inspires the student to take ownership of the process, and she guides them, nudges them, and reminds them, all with an endless amount of patience."

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