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  • Do you have a child in crisis who needs an appropriate residential therapeutic placement?

A ship without a rudder has little control over its destination.

Applying to college continues to evoke dreams of the future at the same time that it conjures up a complex process that grows more competitive every year. In the course of your high school years, you have the opportunity to prepare in myriad ways so that you can present yourself as the best possible candidate for admissions. There’s lots to do, starting now. JRA’s nationally recognized team of college experts knows the ropes; they’re ready to guide you through all aspects of your academic and extracurricular preparation to ensure your greatest chance for success.

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"[Judi] is amazing. She works relentlessly for your family and is so compassionate and knowledgeable. She is simply the best educational consultant you could ever wish to work with and she will exceed your expectations. Judi is the ultimate professional, experienced, dedicated and caring."

— Wendy C.

Our students have been accepted to all of these universities...

  • Duke
  • Northwestern
  • Tulane
  • FSU
  • American
  • NYU
  • Penn State
  • University of Miami
  • High Point University
  • University of FL
  • Columbia
  • Cornell
  • University of Michigan
  • UCLA
  • University of Virgina
  • Emory
  • Purdue
  • Georgia Tech
  • Syracuse
  • Elon
  • Notre Dame
  • Boston
  • University of Indiana
  • Brown

Isn’t JRA the same as my high school counselor?

JRA is an educational consulting group specializing in guidance for admission to college and graduate school, local and boarding schools, and placement in residential therapeutic schools and programs. Our collaborative approach – led by one of the world’s foremost educational consultants and supported by her talented team of college and school counselors, essay experts, academic and test-prep tutors – boasts a 95% success rate of admission to students’ top-choice colleges and schools.

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