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About our Weston Educational Consulting Services

JRA is conveniently situated near I-75 at the intersection of Weston Road and Royal Palm Boulevard. Our facility is located within the Eiglarsh Building of Executive Offices, near a Meineke and Pollo Tropical. Parents and students must buzz-in to be let into the building.


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Our Educational Consulting Services in Weston

College Guidance

American students are under a lot of pressure to enter college immediately after high school. This monumental shift is difficult for many. Not only must young students adapt to living on their own, they are tasked with choosing their academic path, succeeding in classes, and starting their adult lives. With the ever-increasing costs of tuition and supplies, students should have as much preparation as possible before entering this new chapter of life.

The earlier a student begins prepping for college, the better off they will be as they begin their higher education. Score At The Top offers an extensive college guidance program to set Weston students up for long term academic success. Based on years of experience, we have found it is most ideal to start the preparation process early enough so there is a defined plan put together by spring of the student’s junior year of high school.

Within our counseling program, families and students can expect to:

  • Create a realistic and attainable plan for the remaining high school coursework.
  • Find the best college fit.
  • Prepare for the college interview process.
  • Pinpoint academic weaknesses and develop an improvement plan.
  • Understand the importance of certain academic enrichment courses to gain credit outside of school hours.
  • Find the most ideal extracurricular activities.
  • Gauge the student’s interests and channel them towards a meaningful future focus.
  • Create and refine a resume to accompany the college application.

Being as how every high school student’s situation is unique, we provide hourly college counseling that allows them to utilize our services as much (or as little) as they need.

Boarding School Admission

When local schools don’t meet a child’s needs, parents often consider a boarding school with its unique academic and social programs There are hundreds of accredited boarding schools in the USA, Canada, and Europe, so selecting the appropriate one can be overwhelming. JRA Educational Consulting has the experience and resources needed to identify the best choices. Judi Robinovitz and her team of school counselors offer personalized counseling to students and families so that their boarding school choice is the best choice.

Local School Admission

Families relocating to South Florida and those whose current schooling situation isn’t working often turn to the skilled consultants at JRA Educational Consulting. We have firsthand insight into hundreds of public and private school options throughout Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and the northern counties, and can identify the “best fit” local schools for your child.

Residential Therapeutic Placements

When a family is in crisis, Judi Robinovitz and her team of therapeutic educational consultants will identify a wilderness therapy program, therapeutic boarding school, residential treatment center (RTC), and/or young adult transition program to best meet the family’s needs.

We guide families to successful therapeutic treatment solutions for their troubled teen, adolescent, or young adult who exhibits any of these maladaptive behaviors:

  • Substance abuse
  • Oppositional behavior
  • School refusal or failure
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Eating disorder
  • Adoption or abandonment issues
  • Sexual identity or promiscuity issues
  • And more

With so many wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, and residential treatment centers available, selecting one can be confusing for parents in crisis. That’s why so many parents turn to JRA Educational Consulting to identify assist in applying to a therapeutic school and program to best respond to their situation and their child’s needs.

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Mari V

"The application process can either be a nightmare (if a parent tries to manage it with their child) or a breeze (if you hire Barbara). Barbara inspires the student to take ownership of the process, and she guides them, nudges them, and reminds them, all with an endless amount of patience."

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