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Personalized Counseling Services That Propel Your Child To The Top

Do you want your child to get into his or her dream university? Are you thinking of ways to help your child take steps toward a brighter future?

At JRA Educational Consulting, we've taken college admissions counseling and college planning to the next level. Our team of college consultants and college counselors offers a high level of personalized college planning services that your child may not typically find in school.

Working with a dedicated college guidance counselor for high school students could make a difference in your child’s success and happiness. With the help of a tailored college planning program and a team of the best college counselors, attaining that top-tier university dream may be within your child's reach.

How Can JRA Educational Consultants Help You Every Step of the Way?

Judi Robinovitz Certified Educational PlannerSince 1980, we've helped thousands of families choose and apply to "best fit" colleges and universities that will foster a student’s holistic growth — not just academic achievement.

With 40 plus years of experience, our team of college counselors can provide you with the best college counseling programs and college counseling services from which your high school student will gain a much deeper understanding of each college he or she is setting eyes and heart on.

Our top college counseling services teach students to distinguish themselves from other qualified applicants, thus increasing their potential for acceptance to their top-choice colleges. If you're looking for college admissions help and a specialized college guidance counselor for high school students, or maybe just wondering who  the best college counselors are in Florida to support  you and your child, then you've come to the right place.

You’ll no longer ask yourself the crucial question, "Are there college counselors near me?" who can take college admissions help to the next level.

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Assessment: How to Get Started

First, a college guidance counselor will conduct  a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the following:

  • Student's abilities
  • Personality
  • Interests
  • Goals

As part of the college counseling service, a thorough review of a student's academic and extracurricular interests helps pinpoint and highlight the student's passions. Our team of professional college consultants use these data to identify the college learning environment that best suits the student.

From there, we'll recommend an action plan that can help a student develop those passions with college admissions in mind.

Setting Your Goals: Targeting the Best Fit Colleges

Based on our assessment, we’ll help you identify a range of colleges that matches the particular needs of your child:

  • Academic
  • Geographic
  • Social
  • Religious
  • Financial
  • Special interests

Lacking outside counsel, students often limit their choices to those colleges that their friends attend, well-known colleges, or schools close to home. Talking to a team of college counselors, especially college counselors for high school students, can provide you with the firsthand knowledge and professional contacts you need to widen your child's choices by encouraging consideration of  a greater number of appropriate schools.

What Do We Offer: Our Full Range of Services

Your child will stand out from the rest with the help of cutting-edge advice on how to make the most of high school years so as to fulfill his or her college dreams. Our college counseling includes this full range of services:

  • Complete student evaluation (academics, test scores, activities, goals, strengths, and weaknesses)
  • Identifying colleges where the student will be most comfortable and successful based upon academics, career goal, social life, geographic location and setting, student body size, class size, religion, special interest activities, and financial considerations
  • Specialized research into unusual majors or programs
  • Ongoing consultations with a student and family throughout the college planning process (curricular and extracurricular guidance, SAT/ACT testing schedule, admissions "savvy," special needs)
  • Creating with a student an activity résumé to showcase leadership, initiative, creativity, outreach, and impact
  • Brainstorming application essay ideas with a student, then  refining the essays through an iterative editing process
  • Thorough application review
  • Preparing a student and family to make the most of college interviews and visits
  • Debriefing after college visits to further refine the college list
  • Communicating with college admissions counselors, as required
  • Monitoring a student's application and testing calendar to help keep a student on schedule
  • Follow-up through freshman year for families who would like to keep in touch with us

Our families continually tell us about the two things we do best:

  1. We take the stress out of college planning.
  2. We give their children an edge.

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building a college list

Comprehensive or Hourly College Counseling Services

Although most families engage our services through a comprehensive plan, our college counseling services are also available on an hourly basis. This way, students can utilize our services, and a dedicated college counselor for high school students, as much or as little as needed, and target those areas that they feel are most relevant (for example, just the application essays or the college list).

If you're ready for college planning but want the flexibility of our hourly option, we can still assist you to score at the top with the following services:

  • Academic assessment
  • Extracurricular enhancement and project planning
  • College list and finding the "best-fit" schools
  • Testing calendar and study schedule
  • Interview preparation

Connect with us below to get more information on our hourly college counseling option.

Additional Services

If you're wondering about the answer to the question, "Are there college counselors near me?" or whether there are college counselors in Florida who can help you, we offer college counseling services tailored for your child's specific needs, including the following:

  • Student-athletes
  • Students with learning disabilities
  • Students interested in the visual and performing arts
  • Transfer students
  • International students
  • Students looking for a gap-year experience before or during college
  • Students who need a 13th year (post-graduate high school year)

Many of our former students return to us for guidance through their application process for graduate, law, med, and business school.

Our services go above and beyond college admissions help. We also specialize in guiding students to plan unique extracurricular projects that enhance their lives and help set themselves apart in the college application process — vital for your child's planning for college.

Sign up for our college counseling services and let your child experience one of the nation’s best college counseling programs. Talk to us, and let us guide  your child toward  a brighter future.

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