Emotional Growth & Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Virtually all of our students who attend therapeutic boarding schools successfully transition to college—and many of them continue on to graduate school.

Boarding schools
(emotional-growth & therapeutic) serve students who are not successfully functioning in a traditional home or school environment. The curriculum is balanced between college-prep academics and the clinical needs of students. Such schools are fully accredited and offer year-round rolling admissions. The clinical component typically includes a positive-peer culture with individual, group, and family counseling – all in a positive and supportive environment. Each student’s individual needs can be met because these therapeutic schools tend to be small, with enrollment generally ranging from 40 to 100 students; a few schools, however, have larger enrollments. Most schools expect that students will remain with them for 12 to 18 months, until they are ready to “graduate” from the emotional-growth curriculum. Attending these schools is not a barrier to college admissions or to finishing high school in a traditional school setting. In fact, virtually all of our students who attended therapeutic boarding schools successfully transitioned to college and many of them continued on to graduate school.

Our in-depth knowledge of these emotional-growth and therapeutic boarding schools allows us to identify the right ones and effect a placement in a few days.

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