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Signs of Teen Substance Addiction And What To Do About It | JRA Educational Consulting

Common App Trends – Jan 1, 2023 | JRA Educational Consulting

Embracing Neurological Diversity in the Classroom And Beyond

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Common App Trends – Dec 1, 2022, | JRA Educational Consulting

STEM School Versus Traditional School – Everything You Need To Know | JRA Educational Services

School Choice Series: Single-Gender Schools: The Pros, Cons – and Everything in Between | JRA Educational Consulting

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker…or FinTech Executive | JRA Educational Consulting

College Bound Teens May Qualify for Florida In-State Tuition Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa

What’s The Best Way To Find And Obtain Merit Aid? | JRA Educational Consulting

Tips For Students Battling Mental Health Issues | JRA Educational Consulting

Do Colleges Require the SSAR/SRAR? Here’s What You Need to Know | JRA Educational Consulting

Report AP Test Scores on Your College Applications? | JRA Educational Consulting

The Rise of Antisemitism on College Campuses – And How You Can Help Your Kids Feel Accepted and Empowered

College Application Season: Whose Head is Buried in the Sand?

8 Effective Ways to Help Teens with Depression and Anxiety | JRA Educational Consulting

Applying to College?: Independent College Counselors Guide You Every Step of The Way

College Admissions Prep: What Rising High School Seniors Should Do This Summer – Starting Now (Part 2)

College Application Essay Tracker | JRA Educational Consulting

Wilderness Therapy Programs: Connecting Troubled Adolescents With The Healing Power of Nature

Change to FSU Admissions for Entry in Summer/Fall 2023 | JRA Educational Consulting

Super-Essay Secrets: Top Colleges Want Reflection and Introspection

Quick Takes: Common App 2022 | JRA Educational Consulting

What Rising High School Seniors Should Be Doing - Right Now (Part 1) | JRA Educational Academy

Your Guide to Specialized Schools | JRA Educational Consulting

Why This Major? How to Write a Winning Essay!

Things to Think About When Choosing a College | JRA Educational Consulting

Does It Matter Which College You Attend? | JRA Educational Consulting

Now’s The Time To Plan College Campus Tours

What's the Secret to Getting Admitted to College

Choosing a Special School for Autism: 6 Important Factors to Consider

What Are Specialized High Schools? 3 Types and Their Benefits

Specialized Schools for Dyslexia

2022 Summer Programs

You Want To Go To Medical School, Do You?

Application Essays for Florida’s State Universities

Life Beyond High School: Making Your College Years Successful Ones!

5 Things to Do After Applying to College

Gold in Them Thar Hills: The Independent Educational Consultant

Making Your First Year of College a Success!

How Long Do College Applications Take?

How to Improve Your Chance of College Admission

The Complete Guide to Applying to College

How to Go to College Abroad

6 Steps to Create A Final College List

How to Find Your Best-Fit Colleges

A Detailed Timeline of When to Start Applying to College

Benefits Of Demonstrated Interest

5 Ways to Get Help with College Applications

Why Are You Applying to This College? – And Other College-Specific Questions

How to Get Into Your Dream College: 7 Tips from the Top

Common App Changes 2021-2022

How Do I Complete the Education Page of the Common App?

College Love Letters: Teacher Recommendations

What Does Harvard Look For In Its Applicants

Public vs Private School

Record Number of College Applications This Year

Alternate Offers of College Admission − Part 2

March Madness: Tips to Prepare for the SAT and ACT

Spring Break 2021 - Virtual College Visits

Common App Announces Change To 2021-22 Essay Prompts

Alternate Offers of Admission − Part 1

Top five considerations in choosing your classes for next year

Should I Upload a Resume with my College Application?

7 Tips for Transfer Students

Changes to the Common App for 2020-2021

Is a Research Program a Good Extracurricular Activity?

Increased College Applications

Applying Test Optional?

Present a Consistent Picture of Yourself in Your College Applications

College Application Personal Statement – Chapter 5: The Closing Paragraph

College Application Personal Statement – Writing That Great Opening Line

College Application Personal Statement – Chapter 3: Selecting a Topic

College Application Personal Statement – Show Your Character

Your College Application Personal Statement - How to Get Started

Florida's Dozen: What Does It Take to Get Admitted to a Florida State University?

How Do I Find My Best Fit College?

College Application Advice: Selling Yourself and Your Activities

Covid-19 has Infected College Admissions!

Covid Conversations with Colleges

Common Application: The Hidden Factors

Conversations with FRAC

Engineering 101: Are You Building Toward the Right Career?

7 Things to Remember When Submitting Your College Applications

How Should I Complete the Common App Testing Section?

Covid-19 Has Infected the Coalition Application!

News Flash! Colleges Are Releasing Their Supplementary Essay Prompts!

Test-Optional and College Admissions: Think Twice

College That Have Gone Test Optional as Result of the Coronavirus 

COVID-19 and College Enrollment: Uncertainty and Trepidation Revisited

Covid-19 Has Infected the Common App!

Fall 2020 College Applications: The Impact of COVID-19

300 Free Things To Do During Quarantine

The Coronavirus and College Admission: Extracurricular Activities to Help You Stand Out


UCF Admissions Webinar: Q&A Recap

The Coronavirus and College Admissions: Part 2

The Coronavirus and College Admissions: Part 1

The Coronavirus: Creates College Admissions Vertigo

Recommendation Letters in the Era of Covid-19

Visiting Colleges in the Era of Covid-19

The College Search and Covid-19

Quick Takes: Calculus, Curriculum, and Coronavirus Cancellations

The Latest Intel on College Admissions & Testing in Light of Covid-19

AP Exam Update from the College Board

Extracurricular Case Study: Dream Dorm Decorators

Top Tips for Your Campus Visits

Legislative Updates Affecting FL Universities & Scholarship Programs

Extracurricular Case Study: Boca Buckets

The Many – and Confusing – “Flavors” of GPA

FSU Decision Day 2020

Do Colleges Accept Letters of Recommendation from 10th Grade Teachers?

Some Notes on How to Fill out the SSAR

Completing College Application Writing Supplements

10 Best Websites To Get Your Scholarship Money

12 Principles for Creating a College Application Personal Statement

Selective College Admissions: Stand OUT! Get IN!

What It Takes to Get Admitted to a State University in Florida

Make Your College Fairs Great

Teens in Crisis, Desperate Parents, Wilderness, & Therapeutic Programs

Falling in Love, Emails, and College Admission

When your GPA doesn't equal your GPA

How to Respond to the UF Essay Prompts

Visiting colleges? Keep Your Sanity and Budget in Check!

The Most Important College Application Dates - Class of 2020

More Advice for New College Freshmen and Their Parents

9 Important Things for New Freshmen and Their Parents

Get Great Recommendations: Here’s How

Extracurricular Activities Can Make a Difference in College Admissions

Gyroscopes, Eggs, and College Students’ Mental Health

A Few Reflections on the Recent College Admissions Rigging Scandal

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways…

Take-Aways for College Applicants in NACAC’s College Admissions Report

Here’s How Your Competition Can Beat You in College Admissions…Part I

How to Avoid the Stressful Ordeal of Applying to Colleges

Getting started: Crafting Your College Essay

College Admissions Trends: The Past as Prologue – Part I

How to Effectively Complete the Activities Section of College Applications

Forget Catching the Worm: The Early Bird is More Likely to Get Admitted

Here’s Your Magic Formula for the Perfect College Application Essay

College Application Personal Statement

How Critical is “Demonstrated Interest” for College Admissions?

Guidance On Picking The Best Colleges

Is There A Future Doctor in the House?

Learn the Difference Between College Applications

Tips On College Financial Aid Letters

Death from College Cost Sticker Shock…and How to Avoid It: Part 2

Death from College Cost Sticker Shock and How to Avoid It: Part 1

Round Holes - Part I

Tips To Choose Round Holes (Schools)

Insights On College Admission Process

Information On Submitting Your SSAR

The Magic Formula for a Perfect College Application Essay

What Matters to Admission Officers?

Coalition Application and Self-Reporting Records

What’s Really Important About The College You Attend: Part II

What’s Really Important About The College You Attend: Part I

Know How Various Grades Are Different

Read About The ZeeMee Revolution

Summer-Time Guidance For Students

A Middle School Decision that Casts a Long Shadow

Spinning Gold - JRA Consulting

Musical Chairs and Admissions at Highly Selective Colleges

How To Write An Uncommonly Good Common App Essay – Part-III

How To Write An Uncommonly Good Common App Essay – Part II

How To Write An Uncommonly Good Common App Essay – Part I

Tell Me You’re Kidding: ACT Tells Colleges WHAT? (Part II)

Tell Me You’re Kidding: ACT Tells Colleges WHAT? (Part I)

Juniors - Start Planning for College

Deferred ≠ Dead

Aim For These Top 270 Universities

New glitches just discovered in Common App: PERSONAL ESSAY

4 Ways to Manage Sports, School and College Apps With Your iPhone

Colleges that Allow or Ask for an Uploaded Resume

Back to School: Cyber Safety 101

Applying to the nation’s most elite colleges? Here’s what will set you apart

Application Essays: For Openers (Part I)

Outstanding College Counseling Services for Private School Students

6 Hobbies to Help Reduce Your Anxiety About Going Away to School | JRA

I Wish They All Could Be California…Cool Eco-Schools

Help Your Teens Prepare for Milestone Events

First Apartment? 3 Tips for a Seamless Move

Show Them You Care: Care Package Ideas for Your College-Bound Kid

A Half-Dozen Ways to Find Your Application Essay Voice

Are you applying to UF, FSU, or UCF?

5 Ways to Enhance Your Summer – and Your Future!

E-R-A Steps

Guest Blog: Athletic Recruitment at Elite Colleges

7 Reasons for Med School Rejections

4 Tools to Stay Safe During a College Tour

How to get off the waitlist

College Acceptance: California Edition

College Letter Season: I’m Going, I’m Going…Gone

Ranking Your Status, or, the Current Status of Class Rank

I got those graduation requirements wrapped up. Am I done? Or…

Hobbies That Can Help Calm Your Mind Before College

Enhancing your curriculum: Dual Enrollment vs AP

Parent of a "Teflon Kid" Turned Educational Consultant

CSS Profile ― Financial Aid from 276 colleges

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