Show Them You Care: Care Package Ideas for Your College-Bound Kid

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: June 22, 2015

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College is a time for your kids to branch out, meet new people, discover new things and take the first steps toward establishing themselves as adults. While they’re going through this transition to greater independence — from senior year of high school to freshman year in college — there are still ways for you to stay involved as their parent. Regardless of whether they are enrolled in a university near or far from home, you can show them your support through care packages; a fantastic way to give your kids the space they need to grow, but serve as a sweet reminder that you are still a present parent. Here are a few care package ideas for your blossoming adult:

Sports Care Package

If your child’s university has sports teams, create a care package that will support his involvement in his school’s community. You can order gear online at the NCAA shop. Include items such as sports team jersey’s, hats, blankets, keychains and even pajamas! Pack in some pom poms, flags and banners and decorative jewelry that come in school colors. To get your child geared up for socializing with friends during tailgating, send along outdoor chairs, barbecue cooking accessories, blankets, mugs and coolers.

Gift Baskets

Treat your daughter with a specialty gift basket from FTD, full of goodies that are specifically suited for her. To give your child a break from college cafeteria food, you can create a basket with delicious, gourmet goods, such as fine cheeses and crackers and specialty chocolates. To encourage relaxation and aid them from the stress of exams, there are also options to create a spa-themed basket. FTD carries products from Dean and Deluca, Starbucks, Sweet Pea Natural Serenity and many other high-quality vendors. These gift baskets are well-curated and are specially delivered to your child’s door.


Your son or daughter is caught up in the hustle and bustle of college life. What a treat to have personalized products delivered right to the door. Birchbox is a company that provides a multi-faceted variety of beauty products each month. The subscription includes samples of skincare, haircare, fragrance and makeup products, sent out on a monthly basis at $10 per month. The Birchboxes can be tailored toward men or women and also personalized based on skin type/tone, hair and style preferences. It is a fun program that can introduce your child to new products so they can figure out what they like. It’s also easy to sustain, as the deliveries occur automatically, making your child feel extra special and pampered each month!

Hip Kits

Hip Kits is an excellent site to put together a care package your child would need. It separates package options into different themes: “Health & Wellness,” “Holidays,” “Thinking Of You,” “Exams” and other special occasions. One of the more popular kits is the “Freshman Survival Kit,” which will equip your new college student with tools and tips for his or her first year. It includes items like stress balls, a flash drive, a book light, humorous sticky-note reminders, and essential school supplies. It’s an easy and convenient site, that will allow you to personalize special care packages to be delivered directly to your child.

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