Colleges that Allow or Ask for an Uploaded Resume

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: October 15, 2015

College Resume - Score At The Top 

Don’t have a detailed résumé of your activities and accomplishments in high school? Well, now is the time to create one ― and keep it updated until you apply to college! This year, almost ¼ of the 600+ colleges on the Common Application provide opportunities to upload your activity résumé. Since your extracurricular engagement is one of the top factors in college admission, you’ll want to create a résumé to showcase your leadership, initiative, commitment, creativity, compassion – and, especially the impact of your actions. This is likely to be more detailed than the résumé your high school counselor may ask you to create. If you need help, just call us to guide you through the creation of a dazzling resume ― and for ideas to enhance your extracurricular commitment.

See the list of schools.

With profound thanks to my colleague, Nancy Griesemer, for initially putting this list together (albeit somewhat in hieroglyphics), her cat, Sami, who spilled her coffee on the list, and my assistant, Leslie, for her perseverance in deciphering the list. The three of us take no responsibility for the current accuracy of this list; colleges may shift requirements mid-cycle, but the list was accurate at the start of the application season. Earlier this year, Nancy published an article about résumé uploads in The Examiner.

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