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What Does it Take to Get Admitted to a Florida State University

By: Jason Robinovitz | Last Updated: September 15, 2020

Join renowned college expert, Judi Robinovitz, as she shares her vast knowledge of college admissions − and how to guide your child to success. This session will specifically address the Florida State University System (SUS); Judi will provide you with the most current admission information for all twelve state universities in Florida. You can use this information, along with other college insights Judi will share, to make your student’s college application stand out and improve chances for admission.



The unprecedented increase in applications over the last several years has made the college admissions process more competitive and complex than ever. To successfully navigate these turbulent waters, a student must stand out and truly demonstrate why he or she is such a great match for each college under consideration.

Because Judi travels across the county to visit dozens of colleges every year—meeting with admission officers and students, touring campuses, and learning about the current campus culture—her personal knowledge will provide you with a much deeper understanding of the college admissions process than a catalog, book, or website can ever convey.

You'll learn:

* Admission criteria for all 12 state universities

* How these universities recalculate GPAs

* The latest happenings on the 12 campuses

* How under-qualified students may still gain backdoor admission—legitimately

* Florida's state universities' national ranking

* How to maximize your chances for admission

Whether your child is a freshman, sophomore, junior or even senior, this critical webinar is for you!

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