Rising Juniors and Seniors: Got Summer Time on Your Hands? College Calls, Even Now

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: July 5, 2017

We’re seeing the back-to-school ads already, and we are barely into July! Summer is well underway, so it’s time for you college-bound students to seal the deal and set your sights on next steps. Here are ten that we recommend:

1. July is “Check Your Scores” Month: AP test scores will be available on July 5. If you took the June SAT, look for your scores on July 12.

2. Don’t pass up the chance to strengthen your application: Consider a summer job that shows a commitment to your work ethic – and perhaps even your possible vocational future. A supervisor or manager can provide an important letter of recommendation. Got an internship? Let your supervisor know that in the future you’ll be college-bound.

3. Map out your testing schedule: SATs, SAT subject tests, ACTs, and Aps require careful planning in order to avoid being swamped and stupefied! Plan ahead – literally on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet. Then…

4. Prepare for your testing schedule: The August 26, 2017 SAT/Subject Test date provides a chance to practice with the test format and content, or to boost your test "superscore." You’re in charge of which scores colleges will see. The registration deadline is July 28. The September 9, 2107 ACT registration deadline is August 4.

5.Take a summer college course, locally or online: Dedication to intellectual improvement may impress admissions, and you may discover an interest you never quite explored. Check it out today, so that you can take advantage of the summer schedules.

6. Work backwards: consider what profession you’d like to enter, and then figure out what college major best suits your plan. Easy enough for some professions, more involved for others.

7. Create your college wish list: Sign up for the Facebook and Youtube pages of those schools you might consider. Visit websites. Get a feel now to avoid applying blindly – a costly mistake. Then…

8. Visit Campuses: Create an effective itinerary that takes in a couple of schools each day. Urban, suburban, rural? Dorm suites? Student union? Labs? Stadium? Your visit is an essential part of the powerful “demonstrated interest” that colleges look for.

9. Pot o’ Gold: There’s gold in them thar hills – in the form of lesser known scholarships of every variety. Each has a deadline. Go to the library or search online for myriad scholarship opportunities that sometimes go wanting for students!

10. Talk: Don’t be bashful; college is a serious business today. Ask anyone and everyone about their college experience. Contact friends who completed their first year or more. Ask them and adult advisors what’s hot and what’s not about their experience so that you can choose wisely.

And call us for the best ever advice about college admission!

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