The top-ranked 270: You may have what it takes to get into these universities!

By: Judi Robinovitz | Last Updated: October 25, 2015

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With all the angst surrounding getting into “name” colleges, I thought it appropriate to summarize some key data reported by US News in its latest ranking of national universities. The overwhelming majority of these universities admitted at least 30% of their applicants, while about ⅔ of them admitted at least half. Less than two dozen schools admitted fewer than 20% of applicants ― yet it seems that thousands of top students want to go only to these most selective universities.

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You may be wondering about the test scores you need for these same universities. I’ve plotted the median SAT Reading + Math scores* for their admitted students below. While a select 20-odd universities have median scores in the 1400s or higher, the median scores for students admitted to almost ⅔ of these universities are 1200 or less.

Top Ranked - Score At The Tops 

What a less stressful process college admissions would be if only students (and parents!) would focus more on fit than on prestige ― there are so many top-notch universities where students can be happy without killing themselves to get in!

* I used the SAT-ACT concordance table to convert ACT scores to SAT scores for those colleges that reported ACT scores to US News.

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